SDK API Reference

We use the traditional Javascript terminology defined in Introduction to Object-Oriented Javascript and JSDoc. For example, a namespace here is a container bundling and encapsulating a set of library functionality under a unique name. Class is a template definition of an object's properties and methods -- the new operator is invoked on classes to create library objects.

STX: Library base namespace.


  • STXChart: The basic chart class -- a STXChart object must be created before any chart operations can be performed.
  • STX.Drawing: Base class for drawing tools.
  • STX.I18N: Namespace for internationalization API.
  • STX.Marker: DOM object to be managed by a chart, whose display is placed by date, tick, or bar.
  • STX.Market: Class used by chart to manage market hours for different exchanges.
  • STX.Market.Symbology: Namespace for symbol rules associated with a market's operating hours.
  • STX.QuoteFeed: Base class for quotes infrastructure, required to adapt your quote feed.
  • STX.Studies: Namespace for technical-market studies/indicators applied to market data.
  • STX.Tooltip: Class used to add a tool-tip to the HUD.

Trade From Chart - Classes associated with Trade From The Chart module

  • STX.TFC: A trade-from-chart object used for querying and placing orders.
  • STX.Account: Object that supports placing, modifying, and canceling trade orders.

Add Ons - Classes that interact with the chart to provide new functionality

Helpers - Tools for building core charting functionality

  • STX.EaseMachine: Device to simplify creation of animations.
  • STX.Plotter: Device for manging and optomizing complex drawing operattion on the canvas.
  • STX.Renderer: Reusable base class used to draw complex visualizations for one or more series of data.
  • STX.Animate: Generic class to animates a change in a chart.
  • STXSocial: Decorator base class to brand the chart before rendering.
  • STX.StorageManager: Namespace for storage widget for name-value pairs.

Third Party Classes

  • Xignite: Supports commercial feed to Xignite data.


  • $$: Functional equivalent for getElementById().
  • $$$: Functional equivalent for querySelector().

Advanced Capabilities

Web Components UI

  • For a complete outline of available sample web components and code examples see the chartiq.html template included in your package.
  • Remember these are just samples. You can create any Web Components you wish by directly linking your javaScript to the charting API.

Legacy UI (used in stx-advanced.html and not intended for web components use)

Legacy Quote on-boarding method

  • STX.Quotes: Base class for quotes infrastructure, required by many built-in UI capabilities.