Chart Sharing

All the code you need to share a chart is here.

Note: This functionality is not available on all packages. It requires the stxShare.js plug. Please contact your account manager for additional details.

The following is complete and fully functional python code you can use to manage the storage and delivery of chart images for Chart-Sharing:

from wsgiref import simple_server
from wsgiref.simple_server import WSGIRequestHandler
import re
import base64
import json
import os
import time

# This is a sample server to handle uploads of images and then serving them out again. This code
# is meant only as a sample. You must have python 2.x installed to use this code

port = 8000

def handle_post(environ, response):
    reader = environ['wsgi.input']
    content_length = int(environ['CONTENT_LENGTH'])
    #get the json out of the post package
    ajax = json.loads(
    myid = ajax["id"]
    image = ajax["image"]

    # decode the base64 image
    dataUrlPattern = re.compile('data:image/(png|jpeg);base64,(.*)$')
    imgb64 = dataUrlPattern.match(image).group(2)
    if imgb64 is not None and len(imgb64) > 0:
        png = base64.b64decode(imgb64)

    # save the image, modify this to put the image in the directory you desire
    filename = "./" + myid + ".png"
    w = open(filename, "wb")

    # formulate the URL that can be used to retrieve the image
    fileUrl = "/" + str(myid) + ".png"

    # be sure to set the access-control-allow-origin if using cross domain ajax
    headers = [('Content-Type', "text/html"), ('Access-Control-Allow-Origin','*')]
    response('200 OK', headers)
    return [fileUrl]

# Rudimentary function to serve static pages. Ideally you would use a real web server to serve
# pages but this is included so that the test server can be used as a standalone
def serve_static(environ, path, response):
    mime_type = "text/html; charset=UTF-8"
    path = path.replace('..','')
    session = None
    if path[0] != '/':
        path = '/' + path
    filename = "./" + path
    if not os.path.exists(filename) or not os.path.isfile(filename):
        response('404 NOT FOUND', [('Content-Type', 'text/html')])
        return ['File not found']
    if"\.js$", filename) :
        mime_type = "text/javascript"
    elif"\.gif$", filename) :
        mime_type = "image/gif"
    elif"\.jpg$", filename) :
        mime_type = "image/jpeg"
    elif"\.png$", filename) :
        mime_type = "image/png"
    elif"\.css$", filename) :
        mime_type = "text/css"
    stats = os.stat(filename)
    ts = time.gmtime(stats.st_mtime)
    ts = time.strftime("%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S +0000", ts)
    headers = [('Content-Type', mime_type),
               ('Content-Length', str(stats.st_size)),
               ('Last-Modified', ts)]
    if mime_type=="text/html; charset=UTF-8" or mime_type=="text/javascript":
        headers.append(('Expires', "-1"))
    response('200 OK', headers)
    return open(filename, 'rb')

# A very basic wsgi application which either saves an image or serves one up
def application(environ, response):
    path = environ['PATH_INFO']
    if environ['REQUEST_METHOD'].upper() == 'POST':
        return handle_post(environ, response)
    elif"(\.html$)|(\.htm$)|(\.js$)|(\.gif$)|(\.png$)|(\.jpg$)|(\.css$)", path) :
        return serve_static(environ, path, response)
    response('501 NOT IMPLEMENTED', [('Content-Type', 'text/html')])
    return ['Mime type not implemented']

def serve():

    class CustomRequestHandler(simple_server.WSGIRequestHandler):
        def address_string(self):
            """Disable client reverse dns lookup."""
            return  self.client_address[0]

    httpd = simple_server.make_server('',port, application, handler_class=CustomRequestHandler)

if __name__ == '__main__':

The javascript code sample would be as follows:

(call this from your 'Chart Sharing' button)

function shareChartExample(){
    STXSocial.createImage(stxx, null, null, null, function(imgData){


        // Sample code to upload the image to a server with optional meta data
        var shareID=STX.uniqueID();
        var host="";
        var url= host + "/upload/" + shareID;
        var startOffset=stxx.getStartDateOffset();
        var metaData={
            "layout": stxx.exportLayout(),
            "drawings": stxx.serializeDrawings(),
            "xOffset": startOffset,
            "startDate": stxx.chart.dataSegment[startOffset].Date,
            "endDate": stxx.chart.dataSegment[stxx.chart.dataSegment.length-1].Date,
            "id": shareID,
            "symbol": stxx.chart.symbol
        var payload={"id": shareID, "image": imgData, "config": metaData};
        STXSocial.uploadImage(imgData, url, payload, function(err, response){
                STX.alert("err=" + err);
                $$$("#shareLink").href=host + response;
                $$$("#shareCopyPaste").innerHTML=host + response;
        // end sample code to upload image to a server

Dialog code sample would be as follows:

( STX.DialogManager.displayDialog will use this HTML to display a message to the user, modify as needed)

    <!-- Sharing Dialogs -->
      <div id="sharedLinkDialog" style="display:none;" class="stx-dialog">
        <h4 class="title">Chart Shared Successfully!</h4>
        <div onClick="STX.DialogManager.dismissDialog()" class="stx-btn stx-ico"><span class="stx-ico-close">Close</span></div>
        <p>Use the following link to share your chart:</p>
        <div id="shareCopyPaste"></div>
        <p class="or">or...</p>
        <p><a id="shareLink" target="_blank" href="">Open shared chart in new window</a></p>