Animation Loop outline

This document outlines the main function calls for the 3 major clusters of functionality. Understanding each one of these sequences will help you find the right function to inject or customize to meet your charting needs. In cases when the same function is used multiple times within a cluster, it will be listed only once at its primary location. This was done to simplify the listings and improve readability.

draw outline

The following is an outline of the main animation loop. It draws the chart including panels, axis, and drawings.
This method is called continually as a user changes periodicity, pans or zooms the chart.

newChart outline

The following is an outline of the main initialization routine, used to render a chart.
It loads the data and properly sets all members and configurations, finally calling the draw loop to display the chart.

mousemoveinner outline

Core logic for handling mouse or touch movements on the chart,
which resets all chart elements to respond to user interaction and call the draw loop to render a new chart adjusted by the user inputs.