Class: Xignite


new Xignite( [token] [, params])

Xignite version of quotes which uses web API to fetch data. Pass the Xignite provided token to the constructor ( intended for internal testing only). If constructed without a token then the STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides members will be examined for rules on building the url path and token.

Note: please review the following tutorial about data accessibility before attempting to request data from the browser : Integrating Third Party Data Feeds

  • If you need to have a different protocol than the default ("https://") add the following line, changing the protocol as needed.

  • If you need to have a different path than the defaults (see proxy config sample) add the following line. The same path will be appended to all calls.

      STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.path="your path here";
  • If you need to point to a specific server add the following line.

      STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.server = serverhere;
  • To set the encrypted token add the following line

      STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.token = encryptedTokenHere;
  • To set the userid add the following line

      STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.tokenUser= userIdHere;


    • The client is responsible for the formation and management of the encrypted token.
    • The client should make sure they have a non-expired token before querying Xignite.
    • The client should be writing their own encryption on the server side.
    • The client may store their unencrypted token within this script or elsewhere on their server, but not on the files delivered by the web server.
Name Type Argument Description
token string <optional>

optional Xignite API token

params object <optional>

optional Xignite parameters

Default use case
stxx.attachQuoteFeed(new STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite(myToken));
Using an encrypted token
STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.protocol = null;
STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.server = null;
STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.path = "";  // note this is "" and not null
STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.token = 'encrypted token';
STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite.Utility.overrides.tokenUser= 'firm';
stxx.attachQuoteFeed(new STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite());
Using a proxy server
stxx.attachQuoteFeed(new STX.QuoteFeed.Xignite());
// Then, have your proxy inject the token, firm, etc. as required by Xignite and relay the request.